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Opened in October 2013 the Putting Studio at Northampton Golf club was designed by Nick and is equipped with a Science and Motion Putt Lab. The ‘SAM’ Putt Lab measures 28 parameters of the putting stroke through ultrasound and provides the feedback through data reports. Coupled with the V1 analysis software in the studio each pupil is provided with feedback on all areas of their putting stroke. Each pupil is provided with their SAM Putt Lab report and also has their video uploaded to their very own online locker accessed through the V1 Locker page.

On average 43% of the total amount of shots played in a round of golf are played with the putter so it is unquestionably the most important club in the bag

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What Our Students Say About Us

From club golfer to touring pro golfer we can look after you ????

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[quote author_name=”Simon Lilly” author_description=”Touring Professional” author_image=”http://nicksotogolf.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/54040774_bmw+pga+championship+round+two+mkx7o5l6zkdl-1.jpg” size=”medium” style=”solid”]

The putting studio is one of the best facilities around and has helped me to work on my technique with immediate feedback. It allows me to record each practice session and monitor my progress.
Since using the studio I have had more trust in my technique which in turn has helped me hole more putts!




[quote author_name=”Jim Campbell ” author_description=”Northamptonshire County First Team Captain” author_image=”http://nicksotogolf.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/J_Campbell.jpg” size=”medium” style=”solid”]

I was so impressed with the set up when we had our county coaching session in the Putting Studio. I see it as an invaluable tool for any golfer serious about improving their game.




Interesting Facts About Our


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72% Play In The Rain


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57% Fear Of Flying


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65% Wrong Size Putter